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About Our Best Practices

Our Commitment:
YourHomeLoan.info takes pride in providing financing at competitive terms and rates to a wide spectrum of borrowers, including those who in the past would have been excluded from the mortgage market because of credit problems. For these latter customers, we often provide an opportunity to re-establish good credit, and eventually gain access to prime loan programs. As an ethical and responsible lender, we are committed to ensuring all our customers are treated fairly and equitably. Accordingly, we subscribe to the best practices described below.


Avoidance of Questionable Programs and Practices:
Your HomeLoan.info does not offer products or engage in practices frequently cited as "Predatory". This includes:

  • Loans with terms containing balloon payments, negative amortization or reverse mortgages
  • So-called "asset-based financing" or "packing" loans with unnecessary fees and products
  • High cost mortgage products as defined under Section 226.32 of Regulation Z (12 CFR 226.32)

Fee Limits:
YourHomeLoan.info has maximum loan fee policies that are periodically reviewed and adjusted to meet current market trends. These limits are designed to exclude loans with fees or rates that are not commensurate with the work performed or the risk assumed.

Customer Service Commitment:

Your HomeLoan.info is committed to exceptional customer service standards through:

  • Providing a wide range of programs and pricing
  • Quick turn around time
  • Constant communication with our borrowers
  • Educating and counseling our customers
  • Follow-through with a smile


Borrower Education
Through customer counseling, Your HomeLoan.info is dedicated to helping borrowers:

  • Better understand the loan process
  • Appreciate the importance of maintaining good credit
  • Learn how to avoid being a victim of mortgage fraud

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