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Fixed vs. Adjustable: How to Choose

Choosing a loan - Fixed Rate, Adjustable Rate or somewhere in between.

Home loans come in many shapes and sizes. Deciding which loan makes the most sense for your financial situation and goals means understanding the benefits of each.

The 3 basic types of home loans:

Whether you are buying a home or refinancing, there are 3 basic types of home loans. Each has different reasons you'd choose them. Click any loan for more detailed information.

Fixed Rate Mortgage

  • Plan to live in home more than 5 years
  • Like the stability of a fixed principal/interest payment
  • Don't want to run the risk of future monthly payment increases
  • Think your income and spending will stay the same

Adjustable Rate Mortgage

  • Plan to stay in your home less than 5 years
  • Don't mind having your monthly payment periodically change (up or down)
  • Comfortable with the risk of possible payment increases in future
  • Think your income will probably increase in the future

Combination Rate Mortgage

  • Want the stability of a fixed principal/interest payment in the short term
  • Want to repair your credit by demonstrating your ability to make regular payments, then refinance for a lower interest rate
  • Have a lot of consumer debt (these loans typically allow more)
  • Want to borrow more and get a lower monthly payment than a standard fixed rate loan

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