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Credit Questions

I've had credit problems in the past, should I forget about buying a home?

Absolutely not. Call 1-800-470-7567 and talk to one of our Loan Advisors. We can determine if any previous or current credit problems might disqualify you from applying at this time and provide direction on how you can resolve those problems and improve your credit worthiness. The important thing is to call us. We offer a variety of mortgage programs for people with less than perfect credit and we will do everything we can to get you the loan you need.

How can I make sure the information on my Credit Report is correct?

Your Credit Report reflects the information reported to the credit bureaus by each of your creditors. The information changes each time something is added or deleted form your credit file. For example: paying off an account, opening a new credit account or making a late payment on one of your accounts will appear on your credit record. To be certain your credit file is correct, request a copy of your credit report periodically. If you think an entry is in error, notify the appropriate credit bureau and ask that errors be corrected. You can request a copy of your credit report from either of these two credit bureaus: Experian or Equifax.

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